The Fund

IXI Alternative Investment Fund V.C.I.C. PLC (the “Fund”) is an open-ended Fund, externally-managed by IXI Fund Managers Limited.

IXI Grow is the authorized open-ended Compartment established under the umbrella of the fund for the sole purpose of raising funds from several Investors. The assets and liabilities allocated to the Compartment are segregated from the asset and liabilities of other Compartments that are currently established or maybe established in the future under the fund’s umbrella.

The Compartment is suitable for persons qualifying as Professional or Well-Informed Investors who seek short to medium gains and who wish to invest their capital in opportunities with a return potential that reflects the short to medium term risk features of the Compartment.

Each Investor subscribing for Investment Shares in the Compartment will have to prove such a capacity for compliance as well as anti-money laundering purposes. Investors should be natural or legal persons who understand the risks associated with the investments of the Compartment.

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