Investment Approach

The investment management sector is saturated with information and our aim is to look out for trading patterns that point to some form of predictability in the underlying instruments we are considering.

The quest for trading patterns employs principles from all walks of science. We apply a holistic approach in trying to derive scientifically insightful observations for how the market behaves and assess the market risk appetite. And while doing so, extra care is taken to avoid common traps like that of curve fitting and the attribution of importance to random data.





IXI applies a robust in-house developed investment process and an efficient execution framework that allows it to tap into the FX market in a timely and systematic manner, from the signal generation stage to trades execution.

IXI employs sophisticated computational systems and trading and execution algorithms which implement advanced quantitative, mathematical, and novel proprietary statistical models.

It targets capital appreciation with relatively low draw-downs and low correlation to the performance of other asset classes.

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