Investment Approach

The investment management sector is saturated with information and our aim is to look out for trading patterns that point to some form of predictability in the underlying instruments we are considering.

The quest for trending or counter trend trading patterns employs principles from all walks of science:





Our search for investment methodologies exploits both the underlying series price data, fundamental data and risk indicators. We apply a holistic approach in trying to derive scientifically insightful observations for how the market behaves and assess the market risk appetite.

And while doing so extra care is taken to avoid common traps like that of curve fitting and the attribution of importance to random data.

The IXI Fund Managers Ltd utilizes specialized mathematical algorithms using systems which are made by processing historical and current market data using technical analysis, statistical data processing methods and fundamental information. IXI seeks to capitalize principally on short and medium-term price trends in bull and bear FX markets and in ranging market environments. The strategy is based on the use of long and short positions, achieved using financial derivative instruments and by considering the variance of exposure to different assets in response to changing market conditions and opportunities.

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