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Why IXI?

IXI Fund Managers Limited (the “Fund Manager”), is an authorised asset management firm established in 2019 in Cyprus which focuses on active investment management in financial instruments.

The Fund Manager develops and manages investment strategies focused on FX and makes use of algorithmic models and systematic execution methods which form the base for the investment methodology employed by the Fund Manager.

Our investment approach reflects the firm’s deep experience and understanding of the FX sector which the Fund Manager together with its associated companies have been active in for more than 10 years. The firm’s investment strategy is designed to leverage its specialized forex knowledge and technology skills to create significant value by designing highly profitable investment strategies.

The firm’s vast forex trading knowledge, robust algorithmic processes and systems in conjunction with its wide network of respectable business counterparties enable the unlocking of investment opportunities in the FX investment space. By successfully utilizing its heritage and harnessing the present market opportunities conditions, the Fund Manager aims to create sustainable value and a solid addition to investors’ portfolios.

The company is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus which is a member state of the European Union since 2004.

IXI Alternative Investment Fund V.C.I.C. PLC (the “Fund”) is an open-ended Fund, externally-managed by IXI Fund Managers Limited.

IXI Grow is the authorized open-ended Compartment established under the umbrella of the fund for the sole purpose of raising funds from several Investors. The assets and liabilities allocated to the Compartment are segregated from the asset and liabilities of other Compartments that are currently established or maybe established in the future under the fund’s umbrella.

The Compartment is suitable for persons qualifying as Professional or Well-Informed Investors who seek short to medium gains and who wish to invest their capital in opportunities with a return potential that reflects the short to medium term risk features of the Compartment.

Each Investor subscribing for Investment Shares in the Compartment will have to prove such a capacity for compliance as well as anti-money laundering purposes. Investors should be natural or legal persons who understand the risks associated with the investments of the Compartment.

The Fund Manager is authorized by CySEC as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager pursuant to the provisions of the Alternative investment Fund Managers Law L.56(I)/2013, as amended.

The Fund Manager's authorisation under section 8 of the AIFM Law of 2013, exclusively covers the investment management functions of section 6(5).

The Fund Manager is responsible for managing the portfolio of the managed Fund and carrying out all related transactions for the benefit of investors. The Fund Manager enjoys discretionary powers over investment decisions, which are in line with each Compartment’s investment policy, investment strategy and any restrictions in place.

You may find our Fund Manager’s license information on CySEC’s website here.

The Fund operates as an alternative investment fund with one (1) Investment Compartment (namely, IXI Grow) in the form of a public company limited by shares as an open-ended variable capital investment company in accordance with the Alternative Investment Funds Law 124(I)/2018 as amended (the “AIF Law”).

You may find our Fund’s license information on CySEC’s website here.

IXI’s investment process is controlled by a highly experienced team made up of analysts and investment managers with a wealth of specialist knowledge in the foreign exchange markets and algorithmic trading systems and processes.

In the core of the investment process lies the systematic approach which is evident in almost every part of the infrastructure employed, from signal generation to actual execution and it reflects the joint efforts of the firm’s teams on all fronts. An interdisciplinary research team brings together scientists with a diverse set of expertise ranging from statistical analysis and data mining to financial engineering and computational neuroscience. As a result, value is created and incorporated into the trading models by using different scientific perspectives and research tools, including statistical analysis, behavioral finance, machine learning and artificial neural networks.

IXI is in continuous search for recurring price patterns that occur amid large and convoluted price movements.






  • We offer a well-diversified FX product that in a portfolio together with other investments such as equities or fixed income products has a low correlation with them.
  • The product has a good spread of risk as it invests in multiple models, FX pairs and exploits various market characteristics.
  • An FX strategy with the potential to provide positive returns in a variety of market environments.
  • The algorithmic approach employed in IXI’s trading (from signal generation to execution) allows the operations to be scalable, repeatable, disciplined and transparent in the way the investment and risk management methodology is implemented.
  • A team of professionals with a long standing and solid background in investment management.

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